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Travel safety with the 7 Seater Maxi Cab, which is equipped with 8 seats,which is 7 adults & 1 driver with advanced seat belts and airbag system.
The 7 Seater Maxi Cab is highly durable support structure and extra rigid passenger compartment was extensilvely tested. The structure and the comfortability of the cab leads the maxi cab in top position of the customers choice.
The 13 Seater Mini Bus is one of the most common medium sized bulk trasportation vehicle. It is one of the best medium of trasportation for the medium sized bulk transportation.
The Minibus can accomodate 13 adult passengers without luggage. The Minibus can accomodate 9 adult passengers with full travel luggage.
The 13 Seater Minibus can be flexible to change for different travel requirements, with the last row of seats being able to be folded to enhance the luggage space.

About maxi cab

The 7 seater maxicab is one of the singapore's best cab. 7 seater maxicab provides you the comfortable ride to your destination.


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